Doing what?

For language learners


ComprehensCast is setting up Kolokia, an app to learn spoken Dutch through podcasts.

For deaf and heard of hearing people


The transcripts made by ComprehensCast are shared with deaf and hard of hearding people so they can become part of the podcast audience.

Gesproken taal verstaanbaar,

nuttig en

toegankelijk maken

Spoken language?


For ComprehensCast, it’s all about spoken language from podcasts, since they provide a limitless amount of recorded speech and address a great variety of topics.

What language do you speak?

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More projects


ComprehensCast will focus on Kolokia in the beginning. It will certainly not be the only project for time to come! Stay updated and feel free to send an e-mail.

for deaf and heard of hearing people


If a podcaster has a good story to tell or if the topic is really important in society, shouldn’t everybody be able to know about it? Podcasts often contain content that one doesn’t find easily in books or on the internet.


ComprehensCast therefore makes transcribed episodes for a project like Kolokia available to deaf and hard of hearing people.

for language learners


What better way to learn spoken language by using conversations from podcasts? Kolokia will be an app precisely about that.


The first spoken language this app will have is Dutch. For immigrants coming to work in a Dutch speaking region, being able to understand and speak colloquial Dutch is important. It's not always straightforward to learn the language fully, because English is widely understood and spoken.


ComprehensCast wants to offer a solution that helps language learners on a range of skills between developing listening fluency and boosting the practice of a spoken language.


More podcasts


In the future, podcasts from other Dutch-speaking regions will follow. There will also be podcasts in other languages for new projects. Wondering if there are already new podcasts planned? Just send an e-mail.

for Kolokia


For the to-become-language app, ComprehensCast wants language learners to listen to great podcasts that fit their interests and where they feel represented. Contact is currently ongoing with the following five podcasts from the Netherlands.


Damn Honey - by Marie Lotte Hagen, Nydia van Voorthuizen


De Eeuw van de Amateur - by Botte Jellema, Ype Driessen, Paulien Cornelisse


Dipsaus - by Anousha Nzume, Ebissé Rouw, Mariam El Maslouhi


Geeky Dingen - by Linda Duits, Sydney Smeets, Thom Aalmoes


Met Nerds Om Tafel - by Randal Peelen, Floris Diemel, Jurian Ubachs


ComprehensCast is proud to work with podcasters who put their work at disposal for projects. By doing so, podcasters can gain new audiences, since these projects make the podcasts accessible to people who would otherwise not be able to understand the spoken language.




If you have a question, don’t hesitate to say something. Send an email to or fill in the e-mail form below. You can also find ComprehensCast on social media.